Deer Crossing Tree Stands

Designed to Play the Waiting Game

THE GUNSLINGER: Our number one goal in designing The Gunslinger was comfort! Any stand can be comfortable for one or two hours, but no stand on the market offers the list of features that The Gunslinger does for maintaining “all day comfort.”

CombowTHE COMBOW HUNTER: Versatility for a number of different gun or bow set-ups is the trademark of The Combow Hunter®. This stand allows the hunter to select set-up options within seconds, and without having to pull any pins or change any bolts. The Poly seat slides easily back and forth, and may be set at the perfect distance from the tree or backrest.

  • Gunslinger and Combo Hunter
  • Gunslinger holding gun 1-1
  • Gunslinger holding gun on tree
  • Gunslinger with Gun holder
  • Gunslinger
  • Combo deluxe seat 2 facing away from tree-1
  • Combo hunter deluxe seat facing tree
  • Combo hunter facing away from tree foot rest
  • Combo hunter facing tree with gun
  • Combo hunter using shooting rail
  • Combo hunter with bow
  • Combo hunter with deluxe seat and bow
  • Combo Hunter
  • Gunslinger carry on back
  • Gunslinger carry on shoulder
Gunslinger and Combo Hunter1 Gunslinger carry on back2 Gunslinger carry on shoulder3 Gunslinger holding gun 1-14 Gunslinger holding gun on tree5 Gunslinger with Gun holder6 Gunslinger7 Combo deluxe seat 2 facing away from tree-18 Combo hunter deluxe seat facing tree9 Combo hunter facing away from tree foot rest10 Combo hunter facing tree with gun11 Combo hunter using shooting rail12 Combo hunter with bow13 Combo hunter with deluxe seat and bow14 Combo Hunter15


Construction: Aluminum Finish: Unpainted Weight: 26 lbs. Tree Size: 6” to 20” Platform Size: 20” x 21” Weight Limit: 250 lbs.

GS 250 / $284.00


Same size and features as The Gunslinger 250 with the exceptions of carrying weight and weight limit. Weight: 32 lbs. Weight Limit: 350 lbs.

HD GS 350 / $304.00

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Wishing you hours of pleasure and success as you wait in comfort for your "Deer Crossing"!



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