Deer Crossing Tree Stands

Enhance Your Hunting Experience with Quality Accessories

1. Bow Holder Prongs(Pair) – These bow holder prongs screw on by hand at the square bracket plates on either side of The Combow Hunter®. This bow holder allows bow to stand upright with arrow locked and ready to shot. Adapted clip-on bow holder for The Gunslinger® also available.

2. Gun Rest (Pair) – They screw on by hand and are vinyl covered to protect your gun’s finish. They also make excellent utility hooks for binoculars, tote bags, etc.

3. Combow Deluxe Seat- A slip-on full seat for the Combow Hunter Tree Stand that sits on top of the standard sliding seat and gives a full bottom and back. The top of the Deluxe seat has a pouch that slips over the “U” shaped bar at either end of the stand. It has one retaining strap that
goes under the sliding seat and definitely adds to the comfort
level of the Combow Hunter Tree Stand.

4. Loose Parts – The most common spare part items: 5/16" V-blade knobs, 1/4" platform eye–bolt and knob, wire loop pins, ball bearing snap pins, cleat covers, rubber tie-down strap.

5. Lock–down Strap – An excellent binder strap to secure the platform to the tree. It is also used to bind the platform and seat sections together when backpacking.

6. Push On Bow Holder- This bow holder allows bow to stand upright with arrow locked and ready to shot. Adapted clip-on bow holder for The Gunslinger® also available.

7. Tie-on Soft Cushion- This cushion pad will fit the Gunslinger tree stand and camp chair. It covers the full length of the seat, and it has the straps in each corner to tie onto the seat cross bars. For long sits, the tie-on cushion definitely makes a difference.

8. Realtree Pro Camp Series with Camo Mesh, Mossy Oak AirMesh Camo
• Charcoal Gray w/Black Mesh • Black w/Black Mesh • Black w/White Mesh • Charcoal Gray w/Neon Orange Mesh • Charcoal Gray w/Lime Green Mesh • Charcoal Gray w/Hot Pink Meshe additional colors.

9. Beanies. Available in Camo and Black


Construction: Aluminum Finish: Unpainted Weight: 26 lbs. Tree Size: 6” to 20” Platform Size: 20” x 21” Weight Limit: 250 lbs.


Same size and features as The Gunslinger 250 with the exceptions of carrying weight and weight limit. Weight: 32 lbs. Weight Limit: 350 lbs.

Deer Crossing Tree Stands, Inc.


Thank you for considering a Deer Crossing Tree Stands product. Our philosophy on hunting from a tree stand is simple—The size and comfort of the stand are directly linked to hunting success. A large, roomy, comfortable stand will allow you to stay longer and sit still longer. These two factors are critical, since tree stand hunting basically involves waiting on the game to come to you.

Scouting may provide the “signs” that you’re looking for in deciding where to set up your stand, but the uncertainty is when will the game show up? Therefore, many hours of waiting are usually involved, and hence, a large, comfortable tree stand will play a major role in your success.

Wishing you hours of pleasure and success as you wait in comfort for your "Deer Crossing"!