Deer Crossing Tree Stands

Designed to Play the Waiting Game

THE GUNSLINGER: Our number one goal in designing The Gunslinger was comfort! Any stand can be comfortable for one or two hours, but no stand on the market offers the list of features that The Gunslinger does for maintaining “all day comfort.”

Certainly, the seat is a critical part of being comfortable, and nothing can compare to the “hammock” type seat because it changes its position as you change yours. Leg room is also a major factor in maintaining comfort so that your legs are not confined to a bent position the entire time that you are sitting. An average sized person has enough leg room in The Gunslinger to stretch his leg straight out and rest it on the top V-blade, and his foot is not past the back of the tree. The number of distinctly different foot-rest positions is very important to maintaining a high comfort level, by not having to continually stand every time you get tired of the position you’re sitting in. The Gunslinger gives you three distinctly different places to rest your feet. Also, the usable inside width of the stand is important so that your legs have room to spread out and not be pressed together. The Gunslinger has a full twenty inches of inside width giving plenty of sitting, standing, turning, and climbing room. One of the unique features of The Gunslinger is the straight-in angle of the padded blade bars, keeping them low and out of the way. This, combined with the amount of room in The Gunslinger, makes it easy to shoot a bow out of.


Construction: Aluminum Finish: Unpainted Weight: 26 lbs. Tree Size: 6” to 20” Platform Size: 20” x 21” Weight Limit: 250 lbs.


Same size and features as The Gunslinger 250 with the exceptions of carrying weight and weight limit. Weight: 32 lbs. Weight Limit: 350 lbs.

Deer Crossing Tree Stands, Inc.


Thank you for considering a Deer Crossing Tree Stands product. Our philosophy on hunting from a tree stand is simple—The size and comfort of the stand are directly linked to hunting success. A large, roomy, comfortable stand will allow you to stay longer and sit still longer. These two factors are critical, since tree stand hunting basically involves waiting on the game to come to you.

Scouting may provide the “signs” that you’re looking for in deciding where to set up your stand, but the uncertainty is when will the game show up? Therefore, many hours of waiting are usually involved, and hence, a large, comfortable tree stand will play a major role in your success.

Wishing you hours of pleasure and success as you wait in comfort for your "Deer Crossing"!